New Website Design/2010 Wrap-up

Allen Allen Sleeping

Well hello there. Here we have the new layout of thanks to none other than, drumroll please, Anthony Libera. This is the third iteration of the site, and each version has been a great improvement on the one preceding. Thanks Tony, you are truly the man.

Many things have happened since the last update, which was in early October. ZJ and I have been very busy producing and performing as Lazerdisk Party Sex, and we have released two more volumes of the Safe Mix series, with another one coming out later this month. You can download them by clicking the thumbnails below. They are quick mixes (around 15 minutes long), but they feature a slew of different artists, and are mixed quite rapidly to ensure that you won’t lose interest, and that we’re packing it full of as much punch as possible. Also, I will be updating the downloads page to include any and all LDPS releases.

LDPS - Safe Mix Volume 2 LDPS - Safe Mix Volume 3

December also marked the debut of the first original track by Lazerdisk Party Sex, entitled “Lemonade is Still Popular.” The track was featured on The Get Downnn, a popular blog which is logged by The Hype Machine, and it resulted in about 38,000 listens in 3 days, as well as a number 3 spot on the popular charts. I was really happy with the response that the track has gotten so far, and I’m really excited to release more songs in the not so distant future.

Not only did we release our first original track in December, we took the next step in crafting a bigger LDPS experience with our live performances. On December 9th, we performed at Higher Ground along with DJ LIAM (now L’ometto), The Orator, and Ditto. Our set involved a custom stage, sign, and lightshow, and it was a great time. We are currently moving forward with the live show, and taking it on the road. More details on that soon. Here is a video that Triple Take Media put together for us, and some pictures from the event courtesy of our good friend Josh Franklin who has a brand new website that you should definitely visit.

Lazerdisk Party Sex Promo from Triple Take Media on Vimeo.

LDPS - Higher Ground 12/9/2010 LDPS - Higher Ground 12/9/2010 LDPS - Higher Ground 12/9/2010 LDPS - Higher Ground 12/9/2010 LDPS - Higher Ground 12/9/2010

Planck development had slowed considerably during the holidays mostly due to everyone finding some sort of seasonal job or just being home and unable to find time for working on the game. However, Planck was featured as an honorable mention for Excellence in Audio in the Independent Game Festival. This is a huge honor for the team and me. The fact that we received that honor with only one level finished is so amazing, and I am really happy that we got that far especially considering the stiff competition. Planck development is now back in action and the next level is sounding pretty ill if you ask me. It’s a marked change from the first level (musically speaking), but the fun and creativity involved with playing the game will still be in full swing. You’ll be able to turn this track up loud and wake your neighbors.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to make it to New York City to play at the club in The Hotel on Rivington for a Lazerdisk show. We had a great time, hung out with some awesome people who made a completely swagged out breakfast of fried chicken and french toast, and it looks like we just might be returning to the Big Apple in the not so distant future. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and I’m very glad that I was able to have this opportunity.

I believe that is everything that I had been wanting to post, but I waited until the site redesign was fully complete. More news on where we are taking Lazerdisk Party Sex within the next couple of weeks. It’s official, and I know exactly what I want to tell you right now, but I’m waiting until the announcement. The suspense!